Posted on August 29th, 2016

What To Expect During a Routine Eye Exam

What To Expect During a Routine Eye Exam From Our Plano Optometrist

When having eye exams in Plano TX, what you should expect when you visit us at The Plano Eye Care Center? When you have an eye exam, our optometrist will ask you questions about your health history, your vision, and any medications you are taking. Thus, we recommend you review your prescription and non-prescription medications before your appointment. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring your current pair with you to the exam. We may wish to see it! 

Woman getting an eye exam in Plano

We recommend leaving plenty of time to arrive for your appointment, especially if you need to complete new patient paperwork. If you have any questions about whether your vision insurance covers visits to our eye care clinic, we encourage you call us in advance. We are more than happy to check for you. 

What Happens During Our Plano Eye Exams 

We begin our eye exams by taking the health history of our patients. We’ll ask you about any changes to your vision and how we can help you see clearly. You may have glasses and want to switch to contacts, or you might even be curious about LASIK surgery. We strive to leave time during your appointment to answer any questions you have about vision and eye care. 

Next, we check your near and far vision using a hand-held eye chart and the Snellen letter chart. Not only do we want to know how clearly you see, we want to know how your eye work together. We cover one eye and a time and ask you to examine objects at varying distanced. Based on the results, we can determine your eye’s ability to work together or eye teaming ability. 

We perform a retinoscopy test to gauge the best lens power for your prescription, and update your prescription if necessary. We may recommend bifocals or progressive lenses if you have multiple vision needs. 

If you wish to try contacts, we will measure your eyes since fit is critical. We’ll also discuss any health issues that may make contacts uncomfortable for you, such as corneal shape, and make recommendations on contacts we think will suit your needs. 

Finally, we’ll turn to eye health, examining the internal and external structures of your eye. This can help us find any symptoms of eye disease or eye infection, problems we can treat at our eye care clinic. 

Scheduling Your Exam With Our Plano Optometrist

Do you need to make an appointment for eye exams in Plano TX, or for anything else? If so please email us or call us today at (972) 964-3937.  

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