Visiting our Plano Optometrist for the First Time: What To Expect

Setting up an appointment with a Plano eye doctor for an exam or check-up provides the opportunity to address potential complications with your eyes. Depending on your situation and needs, a Plano optometrist provides treatment and solutions for visual health and well-being. At the Plano Eye Care Center, we offer exams and treatments to help keep your eyes healthy at every stage of your life.

Woman visiting a Plano optometrist

Paperwork and Insurance

When you visit a Plano optometrist for the first time, expect a professional at our clinic to ask for basic paperwork and insurance information. We gather the details to ensure that you focus on addressing the health of your eyes without distractions related to financial complications or inaccurate billing.

We may ask for some medical history and details related to your health. Since certain conditions, like diabetes, may impact the health of your eyes, the paperwork and questions help us identify risks and concerns. Our team explains the details of your insurance after we identify your coverage and clarify any details related to your insurance provider during an initial visit.

Basic Exams From a Plano Eye Doctor

During your visit to a Plano eye doctor in our clinic, we use different tools to examine your eyes and your vision. We may ask about any corrective lenses, glasses or treatments you have from previous doctors at different locations or your history of exams. Generally, we ask you to remove any glasses or contact lenses during the exam to ensure accuracy. It also allows us to determine when your current lenses are no longer appropriate for your visual health.

We may use different tools to identify risks or problems. For example, we may use tools to measure the pressure in your eyes or to look into your eyes for cataracts or other complications.

Treating Eye Conditions

A comprehensive eye exam from a Plano optometrist allows us to identify any eye health conditions or concerns that may arise over time. For young individuals, we may limit the exam to vision tests and other risk factors based on your health and situation. Older adults may receive more comprehensive exams due to the higher risk of cataracts, glaucoma or other age-related eye health concerns.

When we identify a problem with your eyes or notice changes to your vision, we may recommend different treatments. We help you find the right glasses or contact lenses for your needs. Our team may also suggest eye drops or medications when appropriate for a problem with your visual health or your eyes. Our treatment suggestions vary based on your needs and the results of an exam.

The initial visit to our clinic is a time to identify a base-line for your vision and eyes. We ask for basic information related to your health and test your vision for potential changes or problems. To learn more about our eye exams or to set up an appointment at our clinic, contact us today.

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