Your Plano Optometry Office: Why We’re Different

Welcome to the Plano Eye Care Center. We know you have many choices in eye care in Plano, but our Plano optometry office stands above the rest for a wide variety of reasons. We have been serving the Plano area since 1985 and take pride in serving our customers, many whom are the second generation. The center’s owner, Dr. Gulrez Khoja, is certified in fitting Kerasoft IC, Paragon CRT and the SynergEyes group of contact lenses. Our office has an AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have treated thousands of satisfied patients in the last three decades.

Plano Optometry Office

Eye Care in Plano for All Ages

The Plano Eye Care Center is the one spot you can rely on for professional vision care for your entire family. We have experience providing eye care in Plano for patients of all ages. Here are our recommendations for proper care through all stages of life:

  • We recommend that children come in for their first eye examination at six months of age, then again at three years, then right before starting school. About half the problems children have in school can be traced back to problems seeing. Our comprehensive children’s exams can uncover vision problems as well as trouble with eyes that won’t focus together, lazy eye or amblyopia and physical problems with tracking. The earlier these problems are found and treated, the better chance your child has a successful school year.
  • Adults need to have their eyes examined more often than most people realize. It’s difficult to determine when your vision has changed because the changes are usually so gradual. We’ll make sure you have the correct prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • After 50 years of age, adults should come in for an annual eye exam. Many diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration are much more common in older patients. The earlier our doctor can diagnose your eye condition, the more success we’ll have with treatment.

State of the Art Eye Technology

Vision science changes at a rapid pace, and we have the newest technology in our office in order to diagnose and treat our patients. Our onsite optical lab means no more waiting for weeks to get your eyeglasses or contact lenses. We believe in using the very best technology to care for our patients’ eyes, so among the tools we use are:

  • The Optomap Retinal Exam, during which we can take in-depth computer images of the inside of your eye. You won’t have to deal with eye drops, and we can see the interior of your eye better than ever before.
  • The Corneal Topographer, the absolute best tool for measuring the shape and thickness of the cornea. Not only does it do a superior job when measuring for contact lenses, it’s also invaluable in diagnosing corneal disease.
  • The I-Vue Screen, which can show a three-dimensional image of the blood flow in the retina. It’s non-invasive and painless, but works better to diagnose torn retinas, diabetic retinopathy and other eye conditions than any other technology.

Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of your visit is comfortable. We keep you well-informed, consulting with you every step of the way before any examination begins. We know comfort can be connected to financial concerns, as well, so we offer a variety of financing options and we’ll work with your vision insurance provider.

Schedule an Appointment Today with Your Plano Optometrist

Finding a Plano optometrist for your entire family is a worthwhile goal. At The Plano Eye Care Center, our mission is to make sure we’re the right eye care provider for you. Call our office to make an appointment for you and your family members at 972-964-3937.

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