Men’s Eyeglasses in Plano, TX

At The Plano Eye Care Center, we’re committed to quality eye care for every Texan. Our dedication to quality applies to the eyewear in our optical shop, too. We know women aren’t the only people who want flattering, comfortable eyeglasses, so we work hard to stock our shop with eyeglasses for every age, gender, and style preference. Your prescription lenses belong in a pair of frames that flatter your face and complete your everyday look, encouraging you to keep them all day on for maximum protection and vision correction. Here are some of the options we offer our patients in Plano.

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Choose Your Favorite Style of Eyeglasses

Our Plano glasses for men include stylish, durable, and versatile eyewear from a variety of top designers and brands. Upgrade your look with a pair of sophisticated frames that scream “professional” for clients, or invest in durable but lightweight athletic frames for high-impact lifestyles. Whatever your preference, we will do our best to accommodate you with your new prescription eyeglasses. Choose every detail of your new look, including:

  • Color – Consider your eye color, hair color, and complexion as you choose between neutral, classic shades like black and brown or bold, bright colors such as green, blue, and yellow

  • Thickness – Thin frames help balance out prominent features and finish sophisticated, timeless looks, while thick and clunky frames are on-trend for their boldness

  • Material – Some designers prefer innovative, lightweight metals, while others offer eyeglasses in colorful plastic or eco-friendly wood

Of course, the shape of your eyeglasses will complete your look. Keep reading to learn how to select the best shape for your face.

Find Eyeglass Frames that Flatter Your Face

Like any other accessory, your eyeglasses affect the way your face looks. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to complement your features? Our optometry team understands which frame shapes and face shapes work well together, so they will help you find a pair of frames that truly make you shine. The key to flattering your face shape is finding a balance. For example, if you’re a man with an angular jaw and sharp cheekbones, try circular and oval lenses that soften your angles with round curves.

Here are some of the most common face shapes, and the frame shapes we recommend for each man:

  • Oval – If your features are rounded and your face is longer than it is wide, try wide eyeglasses with angles, such as minimalist rectangular lenses

  • Square – Do you have a prominent jawline and wide forehead? Balance your features with thin, rounded frames that have “upswept” shapes to pull attention upward

  • Heart – Heart-shaped faces favor eyeglasses with wide frames and bottom-heavy details, such as thick rims

Browse A Wide Range of Designer Men’s Glasses in Plano

Interested in a designer aesthetic? We have some of the leading eyeglasses manufacturers in our inventory at The Plano Eye Care Center. Sticking to a budget, but need a pair that will last? We work with local and national manufacturers to offer affordable but durable frames for patients with cost concerns. Whatever your price range or brand preference, we have options for you. Our brand selection ranges from inexpensive frames by budget manufacturers, to the latest lines from our favorite designer labels.

Here are some of the men’s eyeglasses brands we offer in Plano:

  • Nike Vision
  • Oakley
  • Maui Jim
  • Nautica
  • LightEC
  • Jhane Barnes
  • Salvatore Ferragamo

Customize Your Prescription Lenses in Plano

If your next vision exam reveals a new prescription, use the opportunity to invest in a new pair of frames for your new prescription lenses. We offer a wide variety of men’s eyeglasses in Plano, and we will customize your lenses to achieve a precise fit in your new frames. Visit our optical center in Plano, TX to browse our designer glasses or update your prescription with an eye exam. Call 972-964-3937 to schedule an appointment with one of our Plano optometrists.  

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