Prescription Sunglasses From Your Plano TX Optometrist

Do you wear eyeglasses? Is it inconvenient to you to find a way to shield your eyes from the sun and still be able to see clearly? Some people with prescription glasses just squint and bear it, while others wear regular sunglasses over their prescription glasses. There is a better way. You can get prescription sunglasses, so you can always see clearly, even in the brightest sunlight. At the same time, you are protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV rays and keeping the area around your eyes wrinkle-free (as too much squinting can cause wrinkles in that delicate area). Even better, your prescription sunglasses can be ultra stylish, just as much as any designer, store-bought sunglasses.

Man with prescription sunglasses and guitar from Plano Otometrist

Make Your Life Easier With Prescription Sunglasses in Plano TX

All you need to do is come to the Plano Eye Care Center and get an exam for glasses, with a second prescription for sunglasses. We will update your normal eyeglass prescription. While we’re at it, we can write one for sunglasses that match the prescription of your regular eyeglasses. Best of all, you can even shop for your new prescription sunglasses right here in our office. We have trained professionals who know exactly how to get you into the sunglasses that suit you best, while keeping with your personal style and preferences. You will look trendy, attractive, and still be able to see perfectly behind your new prescription shades. Let us show you.

We offer all different styles of prescription sunglasses here at the Plano Eye Care Center. Whether you prefer classic styles, trendy, retro, colorful, or just about anything else, we have it. We also have various shapes of lenses available, such as aviator, cat eye, oval, small circles, etc. Our sunglasses are organized by whether they are meant for men, women, or children. We can put anyone with an eyeglass prescription into a gorgeous pair of prescription sunglasses.

Our style professionals will help you choose the size and lens shape that best suits the shape of your face, or you can choose on your own. Some of the most common face shapes are oval, round, heart-shaped, and square; you probably know what styles work best with your face shape if you’ve been wearing glasses for a while. If you are new to glasses, or never had someone assist you with choosing the most flattering styles, you will be pleased with the skill of our eyeglass professionals in getting you into the best pair for you.

Further, we have designer brands for our customers who want well-known names or top of the line sunglasses. You will find brands like Nike, Maui Jim, Michael Kors, Coach, and more at our office.

What to Do Next

If you need Plano prescription glasses, sunglasses, or both just give us a call to make an appointment for an evaluation. Call today so we can answer your questions!

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