Advanced Eye Technology at Your Eye Doctor in Plano, TX

At Plano Eye Care Center, our eye doctor in Plano, TX offers a variety advanced eye care treatments. If you are looking for the most cutting edge, highest quality technology for eye care, we have it. In fact, we pride ourselves on the level of technology we can offer our patients, which allows us to give them the best eye care in the area. Whether you are getting a basic exam, a new prescription for eyeglasses or contacts (or a renewal for an old one), or need specialized eye care for one or more eye conditions, diseases, and/or injuries, we can treat you with precision and excellence.

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Advanced Eye Technology Offered at Plano Eye Care Center

Optopmap Retinal Exam

This new type of eye exam offers a panoramic look at the back of the eye, where the retina is located, and shows more than 80% of the area. The exam is astoundingly simple, with the patient just positioning their eye to be photographed. The whole process takes only a quarter of a second on each eye. Two photos are taken of each eye to give the optometrist a comparison image.

This is an excellent adjunct to dilation that offers a clearer, more in-depth look at the interior of the eye. It can also be used as a substitute for dilation on patients who can’t be dilated, or who don’t want dilation drops. Because of its use as a companion or substitute for dilation, it is perfect for children, who often balk at getting drops in their eyes, and for people who are light sensitive, or have other issues that make dilation a less than ideal choice for them.

Corneal Topographer

This is a non-invasive method of mapping the curve of the cornea. It is important for eye doctors to get a correct measurement of the cornea’s curve, because it is responsible for about seventy percent of the eye’s focusing power. Knowing the correct curve measurement lets an eye doctor know the true quality of a person’s vision and the health of their cornea. The corneal topographer is much more accurate at measuring the curve of the cornea than other, older model instruments. The measurements are taken in just a few seconds, and are completely painless, making it an easy and stress-free test for everyone of all ages and eye conditions.

i-Vue Screen

i-Vue is an educational platform for patients that is computer-based. It is typically shown on a TV connected to a computer that is located in the waiting room or exam room at the eye doctor’s office. It shows highly accurate three-dimensional representations of the eye in various situations and conditions. Because the program comes with a large library of animations, the eye doctor can choose what to show whenever they like, and can even customize viewing to patients in exam rooms as they wait for the doctor to arrive to see them. It can also include news reports and the weather, and makes the whole eye doctor visit experience much more pleasant and informative for every patient.

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