Eye Exams from The Plano Eye Care Center in Plano, TX

When you visit The Plano Eye Care Center, you’ll work hand-in-hand with our team to ensure your vision is always protected. We offer a full range of eye exams and work with patients from children through seniors with all levels of eye health and vision acuity. When you visit our offices, you’ll get one-on-one care and a thorough exam to ensure your vision and eye health is the best it can be.

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Types of Eye Exams Offered

Whether you are looking for cheap eye exams for a quick update to your prescription or you want to come in for your annual routine exam, we can do that for you. Each eye exam offers a comprehensive look at your eyes. Here’s some of what we’ll do for you.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Using a series of tools, we’ll look at the overall structure of your eye and your optical nerve. During this exam, our goal is to check for any signs of high pressure or poor development. For example, in children, we’ll look at the muscle structure to ensure proper development. We’ll look for signs of disease as well including macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, or lazy eye.

Vision Screening

Using a series of tests, we’ll also test your current vision quality. The goal here is to learn if there is any change in your vision or if the quality of your vision is not ideal. In most situations, any limitation in vision can be corrected using glasses or contact lenses. Vision screening allows us both to set a starting point for the quality of your vision so we can measure it year after year looking for changes and helps us to prescribe necessary eyewear.

Contact Lens Exam

If you would like to wear contact lenses, let our team know when you schedule your appointment. A contact lens exam still includes a comprehensive eye health exam and visional screening. It goes further to provide measurements of your eyes so we can fit you with the right size and type of lenses. We’ll also look at the various types of lenses that may work for any eye condition you have.

What to Expect During an Eye Exam

We may offer cheap eye exams, but the quality of your exam will always be the best possible. After providing us with information about your eye and medical health, we’ll invite you into the exam room. This is a darker room. You’ll sit in a chair that looks out towards a screen. During the vision screening portion of your exam, we’ll place charts on the wall and ask you to read them the best you can. You’ll also look through a series of lenses that help us to see the quality of your vision. These are our visual acuity tests that gauge vision quality.

During the comprehensive eye exam, we’ll also look at other exams.

  • The ocular motility test ensures your eye movements are normal.
  • The stereopsis test looks at your depth perception.
  • If you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, we’ll conduct a refraction procedure to gauge the best prescription for you.
  • The slit lamp test is another option which works like a microscope to see into your eyes.
  • A glaucoma test, which involves a puff of air placed into the eye, is also needed to ensure eye health.

Each of these tests provides us with information on the quality of your vision and your overall eye health. Each of these procedures takes only a few minutes. They are noninvasive and they do not hurt.

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Call The Plano Eye Care Center to learn more about your eye health. You can schedule eye exams in Plano by calling our team: 972-964-3937.

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