The Plano Eye Care Center: Senior Eye Care with our Plano OptometristThe Plano Eye Care Center provides Senior Eye Care with our Plano Optometrist from senior eye exams to glaucoma & cataract issues

As your Plano eye doctors, The Plano Eye Care Center is dedicated to providing area residents with the highest standard of eye and vision care. One of our areas of expertise is senior eye care, which we take very seriously. From senior eye exams to treatment for common age-related eye conditions, our skilled team of eye care professionals is here to serve you.

The Importance of Plano Eye Exams for Seniors

Regular eye exams are extremely important for people of all ages, but they’re perhaps especially important for seniors. As you age, your chances of developing dangerous eye conditions (including those that can affect your vision permanently) also increases. With regular eye and vision exams, we can keep an eye on your ocular health and regularly monitor your eyes for any signs of problems. As a result, we may be able to catch signs of eye diseases and other conditions sooner rather than later, thus increasing the chances for successful treatment/management.

Common Eye Health Issues Among Seniors

Aside from deteriorating vision due to age, there are a number of eye conditions and diseases that are especially common among seniors over the age of 60. Specifically, cataracts are a major concern when it comes to senior eye health. This condition occurs when deposits in the lens of the eye cloud your vision; this can lead to permanent vision loss and even blindness. You can be genetically predisposed to developing cataracts, though sun exposure can also cause them or increase your chances of having them.

Glaucoma is another condition that can affect your eye and vision health, and is especially common in seniors. Specifically, glaucoma occurs when there is excessive pressure placed on the eyes from within the body, which can lead to a loss of eyesight.

With regular eye exams, we can spot the signs of these common eye conditions and diseases long before obvious symptoms manifest themselves. Plus, regular eye exams in seniors help us stay on top of your current vision prescription.

What to Expect From a Senior Eye Exam

When you come in for a senior eye exam, we’ll begin by asking you some basic questions, such as whether you’ve been experiencing any changes in vision or other symptoms. From there, we will move on with vision testing, in addition to a comprehensive evaluation of your eye health. We’ll specifically, be on the lookout for symptoms of common eye conditions, taking the time to conduct any necessary testing or other diagnostics. In general, we recommend senior eye exams anywhere from once to twice per year. Most exams take less than 30 minutes of your time.

Request a Plano Senior Eye Care Appointment

Have you had your Plano senior eye care appointment yet this year? If not, then we encourage you to call The Plano Eye Care Center at 972-964-3937 to request your appointment. If you’re a new patient, be sure to take advantage of our new client special when you call!

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