Common Eye Problems Explained by a Plano Eye Doctor

Changes to your vision and eye health cause concerns about your future. You may develop certain conditions in your eyes and require treatment from a professional to slow the progression or address the underlying complications. At The Plano Eye Care Center, our Plano eye doctor offers treatments for common conditions in the eyes and helps maintain your visual well-being.

Plano eye doctor glaucoma cataract dry eye treatment


Glaucoma refers to a loss of vision due to optic nerve damage. It does not always have clear symptoms until you notice a change in your vision. Plano glaucoma treatment occurs after identifying the condition and determining the extent of the damage. A regular eye exam helps a professional catch the problem before it causes significant damage.

Dry Eye

Dry eye treatment in Plano starts with determining the cause of the discomfort. You may notice a burning sensation or the sensation of an object in your eye when you develop dry eyes. It may develop from certain medication, keeping your eyes open too long or problems with your tears. Depending on the situation, we may recommend medications or eye drops.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and it impacts the retina of the eyes. Generally, it occurs in both eyes and causes changes to the blood vessels in the eyes. Since you may not notice symptoms until after you start losing your vision, regular exams help reduce the risk of long-term complications or blindness. Inform an eye doctor about your diabetes during an exam to ensure proper care and evaluation of potential risks.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration occurs when your macula begins to break down and impacts the clarity of your vision. It is a part of the retina and usually degeneration occurs as part of the aging process. The symptoms usually start as blurriness, dark areas or odd distortions of your central vision. We recommend more regular eye exams for older adults to catch degeneration in an early stage.


A cataracts eye doctor in Plano works on slowing the progression of cataracts when we notice a change to your eyes. Cataracts refer to a clouding of the lens of your eyes and it causes hazy or blurry vision. It may also impact your color vision and change the brightness of colors. Depending on the severity of the cataracts, you may need surgical solutions to address the clouding and clear up your vision.

Ocular Infections

Ocular infections refer to any infections in your eyes. Pink eye is a common type of infection and it causes discomfort, pain and itchiness. When you develop an infection in the eyes, you want to seek immediate attention to address the underlying cause of the discomfort. Infections may require medications or medicated eye drops to address the bacteria or virus causing the discomfort.

Ocular Injuries

Ocular injuries occur when an object, chemical or other accident hits or injures your eyes. We recommend immediate care after an injury to your eyes, even if you do not feel that the injury is serious. Some injuries may cause changes to your vision or require specialized care to address the potential complications associated with the specific injury. Even if you kept your eyes closed at the time of the injury, the pressure causing a black eye or the chemical causing the injury to the area may damage your eyes, so you want to seek treatment.

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Eye problems develop for several different reasons, including natural aging or accidents. For more information about treatments for your eyes or to set up an appointment with an eye doctor in Plano, call us at 972-964-3937 today.

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