Posted on December 5th, 2017

What Causes Dry Eye?

Diagnosing Dry Eye | Causes and Treatment

When there is a problem with the composition of your tears or your eyes do not produce enough tears, you can develop the symptoms of dry eye. The eye doctors at Plano Eyecare Center can diagnose the causes of your dry eye symptoms and recommend treatment options to help keep your eyes lubricated.

dry eye diagnosis and treatment from our plano, TX optometrist

Understanding Dry Eye

The tear glands located in your eyelids are responsible for producing basal tears, which are comprised of an oily layer, a mucus layer, and a water layer. When you have a problem with your basal tears you may notice that your eyes are itchy, scratchy or red as well as periods of excessive eye watering.

Common Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eye causes typically fall into two categories, either your eyes do not produce enough tears, or the composition of your tears is causing rapid evaporation.

Causes of Reduced Tear Production

Reduced tear production could be due to the natural aging process, blocked tear glands or having a chronic condition, like diabetes, lupus, a thyroid disorder or Sjogren’s syndrome. Certain medications, like birth control, decongestants and antidepressants can also cause symptoms of dry eye. Recent eye surgery can also cause dry eye symptoms.

Causes of Rapid Basal Tear Evaporation

When your basal tears evaporate quickly, it could be due to an environmental problem, like sitting in front of an AC or heating duct, working in windy conditions or failing to blink often enough.

Your Appointment with our Dry Eye Optometrist in Plano TX

Our dry eye optometrist in Plano TX can examine your eye to determine if you have dry eye and recommend a treatment to alleviate your symptoms. The first recommended treatment usually involves the application of eye drops or creams to help keep your eye lubricated. Our dry eye doctor may also recommend certain vitamin supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids.

If your tears glands are blocked, our optometrist may recommend using warm washcloths or Lipiflow to help unblock your tear glands. If the in initial treatments fail to provide enough relief, you may be a good candidate for temporary or permanent punctal occlusion, which involves inserting tear duct plugs into your tears ducts to help the basal tears stay in your eyes longer.

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What treatments from our dry eye doctor have helped alleviate your dry eye symptoms?

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