Posted on May 4th, 2017

Tips on How to Properly Care for Your Contacts

How To Properly Care for Your Contacts in Plano, TX

Contacts are a flexible alternative to glasses. Just like eyeglasses, contact lenses also require safe keeping and care for long-term use. Whether you wear daily or monthly disposable contacts, for optimal eye health and longer-lasting contacts, here are some tips to follow:

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1. Know What Different Types of Contacts Available

There are two different types of disposable contact lenses: daily, bi-weekly and monthly disposable contacts. 

As the name suggests, daily contacts should be used no longer than a day and disposed of at night. The process repeats in the morning and you never have to worry about cleaning your contacts. This would work for someone who is forgetful or prefer the convenience of disposing of older contacts. 

Two-week disposables can be taken out and re-worn for up to two weeks. Monthly contact lenses last up to a month. If you are re-using contacts, you must clean them or you could end up with an eye infection.

2. Always Handle Contact Lenses Clean Hands

The best way to keep your eyes safe when using contacts is to always wash your hands before putting in or taking out contacts. Don’t use antibacterial soap. Don’t only rinse your hands with water.

Use soap and water. Lather your hands and clean all traces of soap. Make sure your hands are dry before touching the contacts.

3. Don’t Expose Your Contacts to Water

If you’re going to take a shower, you may wonder if you can wear your contacts while bathing. The answer is no. If contact lenses exposed to water, their shape and material changes. They may stick to your eye or get otherwise damaged. This could lead to also lead to an eye infection.

4. Don’t Sleep with Contacts in at Night

Whether your contacts are reusable or not, they’re not made to be worn overnight. It is not recommended to wear them to bed, but rather remove them as you settle in for the night. Wearing contacts to sleep could result with irritated and itchy eyes. 

5. Clean Your Contacts Overnight

With daily disposables, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, as you’ll use a new pair of contacts each day. With two-week and monthly disposables, you must make it a habit to clean these every night.

Do not just use water as it can damage the contact lenses. Instead, pour some contact lens cleaning solution in your contact lens case and place your contacts in there overnight until you are ready to use them in the morning. 

6. Know When to Get a New Contact Lens Case

Over time, a contact lens case can become a breeding ground for bacteria. When you soak your contact lenses in an old case, you could risk getting an infection. Since cases are relatively inexpensive, it’s strongly suggested you replace them every three months.

7. Don’t Use Your Contacts Longer Than Prescribed

The labels on your contact lenses are there for a reason. Don’t wear dailies for three days or two-week disposables for a month. Even with cleaning and proper care, these lenses could cause eye infections.

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