Posted on December 5th, 2017

Computer Vision Syndrome

Diagnosing and Treating Computer Vision Syndrome at Plano Eye Care Center

Our optometrist at Plano Eye Care Center can diagnose and treat your computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is a condition that occurs due to spending hours each day staring at digital screens, like computer monitors, cell phones, and tablets.

computer vision syndrome from our optometrist in plano, TX

Causes of CVS

CVS refers to a type of eye strain called digital eye strain, and up to 65 percent of all adults have some symptoms of the condition. It is basically a repetitive motion injury of the eyes, due to excess viewing of digital screens. When you work at a computer or perform tasks on a mobile device, your eyes have to continuously refocus as you read the screen and read or view other items, like notes and paperwork, that are on your desk.

The condition can be exasperated by having glare on your computer screen, having your monitors too far away or too close to your eyes, not having an ergonomically optimized computer workstation and bad indoor lighting. You may also experience increased symptoms if you have a previous vision problem or an uncorrected vision problem.

Symptoms of CVS

Most symptoms of CVS will dissipate after ceasing digital screen usage. The most common symptoms include an increase in headache frequency, periodic blurred vision, eye pain, pain in the neck and shoulders and symptoms of dry eye.

Diagnosing CVS

CVS is diagnosed by listening to your symptoms, taking a complete medical history and performing an in-depth eye exam to check for any pre-existing eye health conditions and refractive errors. Our eye doctor will also look for problems with how your eyes move and work together in order to create a comprehensive eye health treatment program.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment with our Optometrist in Plano

Computer vision syndrome treatment focuses on correcting vision problems and reducing symptoms of your digital eye strain. If you have an undiagnosed vision problem or are wearing outdated prescription glasses or contacts, our optometrist in Plano will examine your eyes and visual acuity and provide you with a prescription for new glasses and/or contact lenses. We can also prescribe a pair of computer glasses that can help reduce digital eye strain. Additionally, our eye doctor can give you tips on how to make your workstation more ergonomically friendly, and you may also benefit from taking frequent breaks.

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