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Get The Best Care Possible

Welcome to The Plano Eye Care Center where Dr. Khoja and her team have combined the latest in eye health and vision technology with advanced training to provide you with a truly superior level of service and care.

Visual quality and comfort are Drs. Khoja and Patel’s specialties—particularly in patients wearing contact lenses. In fact, Dr. Khoja was selected as a member of the SynergEyes Platinum Fitter Club for achieving a high level of clinical training and demonstrating professional expertise in fitting specialty hybrid contact lenses for ordinary and hard-to-fit prescriptions. She is an expert in keratoconus, a serious disease in which the cornea becomes irregular in shape, causing progressive nearsightedness and irregular astigmatism to develop. Dr. Khoja even offers a specialized contact lens treatment, called corneal refractive therapy (CRT), which corrects your vision while you sleep so you can be free from glasses and contact lenses during the day.

The moment you walk in the door, you’ll be impressed by the newly redesigned optical, featuring the designer fashion brands you’re looking for. Patients needing eye glasses will also benefit from carefully selected lenses as well as high-definition lenses. You’ll be surprised at what a difference our expertly chosen lenses make in how well you see.

The doctors at The Plano Eye Care Center also offer pre- and post-operative care for LASIK and refractive surgery. If you are interested in learning more about ways to free yourself from glasses, schedule a consultation today. Drs. Khoja and Patel are attentive and thorough and will detail all of your options.

Each and every eye exam is performed with unmatched precision and skill, using the latest equipment to ensure that every measure is taken to detect and appropriately treat any vision problems or ocular disease, including glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration (AMD), allergies and dry eyes. While almost all routine eye exams include a retinal exam, The Plano Eye Care Center is proud to offer the Optomap retinal exam, which is quick, painless, and may not require dilation drops.

If you or your child suffers from dyslexia or reading problems, Dr. Khoja may be able to help with that too, thanks to her success using ChromaGen testing and lenses.Dr. Khoja also treats patients who’ve had complications from corneal surgeries and those who have undergone corneal transplant surgeries.

Contact The Plano Eye Care Center today and let our highly skilled staff members welcome you to a modern practice that prides itself on old-fashioned respect and quality customer service—all right here in Plano, Texas.




"We are proud to present our newly redesigned Optical with an added selection of designer eyewear and sunglasses - Prada, Valentino, Badgley Mischka, Kate Spade, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ray Ban, Dragon, DKNY"